Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Paddy's Day!!!

Paddy's day is upon us and its a hard day to keep on track. This time last year I was quite close the beginning of my journey I remember how good I was for most of the day and how guilty I felt when I indulged in dominos that night. I measured and tracked every single drink I had, and until about 3 am that night the only food I had was good healthy food until about 3am. This year I have already used up my weeklies, which means it will be a sober Paddy's day for me.

I also did my back in yesterday which means no running this week. I am really hoping that its better by tomorrow because I didn't get my run last week and I have been very busy at work which means its been a while since I have trained. I did some kettlebells at home yesterday before my back went but my heart wasn't in it so I know it wasn't as effective as it could have been. There are 4 weeks to go today until the Great Ireland Run so I really need to get moving with this.

I am also off to vegas in less than 2 weeks. I am so excited. I was hoping to be a few pounds under my goal by then but its not looking likely. I have been good this week but I have used all my weeklies and not done any training. There are also 2 more challenging days until weigh in so we will have to wait and see. Next weekend is going to be tricky too as there is a baby shower and afternoon tea to contend with. I am looking forward to feeling confident about myself on holiday which hasn't happened for a long time.

I will also have some really exciting news to share with you all in the next few weeks. I can't say too much more now but all will be revealed soon!

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  1. I hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas, you really deserve it after all your hard work x