Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In June Week 4

I can't believe the weeks are flying by so fast, the end of June is pretty much upon us. I had to do a double take when putting the title on this - week 4 already! I think time is going much quicker at the moment as things are so manic. I really don't feel like I have appreciated June at all. I have let the stress take over.

Work is pretty mental for me at the moment, and we are working towards some very tight deadlines - so there has been a lot of stress and anxiety coming from that area. As a result last week did not go according to plan. It go worse and worse as the days went on and by Friday I was in full on stress eating mode. I have still not learned how to control my emotional eating. In saying that I refuse to let myself feel guilty about my little binge last week. Guilt is not going to help me get back on track and it definitely is not going to change what has happened! As a result I gained half a pound at weigh in on Saturday - I feel like I deserved more so pretty happy it was only half a pound. I'm now back up to 2lbs above goal!

The idea after a slip like that is to get back on track and plan your next week as soon as possible, unfortunately I was away from routine and home until today. So I couldn't get my grocery shopping and meal plan done until today. It also hasn't helped that I am feeling severely sleep deprived. For those that follow me on instagram and my facebook page know, I have been pet sitting my parents animals since Saturday. It would be an understatement to say these pets are spoilt rotten and are a handful to look after. During the day they are lovely, and great to take out walking and clock up a few activity points. Its after dark that things go wrong. The dogs will not sleep on their own, and not only do they need to be in the room with you - they insist on practically sleeping on top of you. And the little one tends to climb around the bed throughout the night. If you try to lock them out, the little one will cry until you let her in. I thought on Sunday night she may give up - but there was no stopping her. The cat also played a part - scratching and meowing to be let out in the middle of the night. So I think I have averaged 4 hours of broken sleep a night the past 3 nights. Anyway, rant over - I love the pets really, just won't ever be pet sitting on a work night again! 

The point is I could have used that as excuse and let the party continue but I have a wedding this weekend and I did not want to risk not feeling comfortable/bloated at the wedding. So at lunch yesterday I went and got myself a load of soups for my lunch for work. I prefer having home prepared lunch, but these are definitely better options than having nothing there. Yesterday I wasn't feeling too well so I just grabbed a weight watchers ready meal for my dinner (which was pretty revolting but low smartpoints made up for my big breakfast that day). Then today after work I did a quick dash around the supermarket making a rough meal plan as I went. 

So its not my most organised week - but despite all obstacles I am prepared and absolutely determined to lose some of the 2.5lbs I have gained in the past 3 weeks!  I think things around going to be like this for the next 2 months at least, so I may as well use it as a learning curve in staying on plan despite whatever is going on around me! 

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