Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Already!!

I am actually in shock that it is the 5th of November. I really have no idea where this year is gone but its nearly over. September and October disappeared and seem to have taken my goals away with them. I have still hovering in and around the 11 stone mark. I haven't been gaining weight but I haven't been losing it either. I seem to have a couple of really good weeks, then a couple of weeks where I am 100% Monday to Friday but have a bit of a blow out at the weekend.

I don't have high hopes for losing much over the next couple of weeks either. I know it's know excuse but my weekends are a complete write off. I'm off to Leeds tomorrow to visit my oldest friend and have a night out planned for Saturday night. Next weekend I have a work night out and a night away in Belfast, a baby shower the weekend after and rounding it off with the mother of all weekends to end November; 5 course tasting menu with cocktails, work christmas do and brunch for my sisters birthday. 

Despite all of this I'm not giving up. I'm aiming to lost  my pound a week, but to be honest if I stay the same through all of that I will be happy. I'm not going to say it'll be easy, but it will be so much harder if I throw in the towel and have to get back on the wagon a few pounds heavier at the end of the month!

So I've made a plan:

  • Stick to my 26pp on any days where I have no event on. No need to use ANY weeklies at all. 
  • On the days I am out, make sure any meals I have at home are low pp but substantial enough that I am not going out starving. 
  • Make good choices while I am out. Stick to my diet mixers and where a healthy option is available go for that.
  • Make sure to drink as much water as possible, throughout the day but also while I'm out. 
  • Avoid the late night drunk food. 
  • Earn as many activity points as possible! 

My running hasn't been going so well. Motivation is so difficult in winter when its cold and dark outside. I am getting out there a few times a week, not as fast or as far as I'd like but I'm doing it and I will keep with it. I am doing the run in the dark next Wednesday night, and I think thats helped keep me out on the roads. Once its over I am going to look for another run to sign up for in December, it's much easier to stay motivated when you have something to work towards. 

I do have a new recipe coming up early next week and hoping to get another few up over November. Will be looking into a couple of seasonal recipes to help with entertaining over the silly season. Nothing keeps you on track like keeping your food interesting! 


  1. You havent given up.. thats the main thing :-)

  2. I cant believe the year is closing too! The biggest mistake any of us can make is to write off the rest of the year and "start fresh" after Christmas. No gain and no loss is the second best thing you can be doing at the moment... Keep it up! :)