Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Am I Doing??

Having a dance at EP, at least I got some exercise!

Last weekend was Electric Picnic and so I knew I was taking  a few days off tracking. It was a brilliant weekend, but I absolutely went overboard on the food and drink, starting from when we arrived right up to the takeaway on the Monday after getting home. Last time I went to EP was in 2008 and leaving I was the lightest I'd ever been (10 stone 1lb) and I remember before I left having all the best intentions of eating healthy. I loaded my bags up with healthy fruits and veg snacks, low pp crisps and cereal bars and light beer. Of course all that meant was extra weight being carried in AND out of the festival - I ate none of it. I was so disheartened when I came home that I gave up on Weight Watchers and regained a stone and a half before rejoining again. 

So this time I had no illusions about staying healthy. I did a fair amount of walking around, and a lot of dancing but nowhere near enough to counter act the delicious but calorific food on offer. I had planned it and was ready to gain a couple of pounds and get back on track as soon as we got home. Then I hit a bit of a roadbump...I haven't been able to get fully back on track! 

If I am being totally honest I have been a bit up and down since I got back from my holidays. I have been mostly good but a few slip ups here and there. For one things in work have been pretty stressful with no signs of it getting any easier. As soon as one panic is over we are straight into the next one. I have been trying my best to just stay calm over it all, but to be honest I am an emotional eater...I always have been, and so I am attempting to hide my stress by eating. The couple of weeks before EP we're too bad. I was 90% on plan, but I had a full weekend where the night out and resulting hangover say me using too many propoints to even comprehend and just a few extra snacks and treats than I needed. So overall in the 3 weeks before EP I managed to lose 2lbs of my holiday weight, which all things considered I am pretty happy with. 

However, between Electric Picnic and the aftermath I have gained 3lbs, which puts me once again at 9lbs over my goal. So this is my line in the sand. I am having a girls night tomorrow so I know there will be wine and food consumed but I will be having a low pp breakfast and lunch and will be right back to 100% tracking first thing saturday morning. I read today that there are 15 weeks until Christmas, and I plan on losing a stone between now and then. Just 1 pound a week, with a week for something to go wrong it is 100% doable. Will be checking in once a week on a Saturday with a brief weigh in up date so if anyone would like to track their progress along with me just comment here on over on my facebook page!

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  1. Your not giving up and thats the main thing:) 1lb a week is definately do-able, you enjoyed your hols & the picnic and thats the main thing... getting back on track after those kinda things is always an effort, but sounds like youve made your mind up and your getting organised again... all steps in the right direction :-)