Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back On The Road Again!

February is a big month for me! This day 2 years ago I hit my weight watchers goal weight! I can tell you it feels like a lot longer than 2 years ago, but at the same time I still remember the feeling standing up on the scales that night! There are a lot of things I have done in my 30 years, but reaching my goal weight and maintaining for 2 years is definitely something I can be very proud of. Its not been all plain sailing and there have been moments when it would have been pretty easy for me to slip back into my bad habits. Just last year I let myself gain a stone before realising what I was doing.

I feel like reaching my goal weight was me making a lifelong commitment to my health. Being overweight was such a negative time in my life; I was unhappy in the choices I was making, I had no energy or motivation to do anything, I found it difficult to like myself and I was putting unneccesary pressure on my body. Its a constant work in progress but I feel like I can be comfortable in the day to day choices I make. If I have a bad week or two I don't kill myself, instead I move on and get back on it. I feel like I know where the balance is. 

I don't want to obsess over food and exercise my whole life, I want to be at a stage where it comes almost naturally to me. For the moment it still takes a good bit of effort and thought but I spent over 15 years struggling with my weight, its going to take a little longer than 2 years to totally be able to let that go. 

Last February also marks the start of my morning runs! I never thought it would be something I would keep up and I am proud to say a year later my alarm is still going off at 5:45am a couple of times a week. Thinking back over last year I ran two 10k's in under 60 minutes and completed my first half marathon. So despite what I'm about to write about I am proud of what I achieved. In saying that, the graph of how far I ran month by month paints a different picture to my memory.

I started out full of motivation and goals and at some point I let things slip. I took weeks off, skipped whole weekends and just ran shorter distances. My running has almost been non existent in January which has lead to a total drop in my motivation. I have started a new half marathon training program on runkeeper and my plan is to get my monthly distances back up again.

I have been making too many excuses, my alarm has been going off but I am not always jumping out of bed like I used to. I am getting up on the weekends and spending too long talking myself out of running on the couch, or talking myself into only going 2 miles. Its all in my head and I need to lose the excuses. I skipped my run this morning because I woke up with a sore back. I already have my alarm set to go tomorrow instead.

This year I want to do better, I want to be the best version of me I can and achieve as much as I can with my running! I know I did well last year, but success is ongoing. The only real failure is giving up!

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  1. Now THAT is an inspirational post!! Well done you and all the best for a good February and March.

    Lesley x