Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well today was the big day!! I woke up really excited and ready to go, and after a hearty breakfast of porridge I was on the way. I met up with the rest of team 59 lbs to go in the Phoenix park and there was such a fantastic buzz about the place. The costumes some of the people wore were great too and people were just in great moods. As well as giving out fab headbands, they also had a face painter there drawing on stylish moustaches for those of us who can't grow our own!!

Those lovely people at bootcamp Ireland led us all in a warm up just before the race which mainly involved me jumping around looking like an eejit but it did the job. And before I knew it the 5kers had head on their way and it was nearly start time. The first kilometer passed by without incident but halfway through the 2nd kilometer I started to feel a bit off. I had thought it was all in my head and that I could push through it so I kept on going, and then right around the 3k point disaster struck, my breathing completely went and I just couldn't run anymore. I had somehow managed to bring on a panic attack and I felt like I couldn't breathe any more. I slowed right down to practically a stop and my fantastic friend Clare kept me distracted long enough to get my breathing back under control. After a little slow walking rest I decided to see if I could get my rhythm back but as soon as I started up the jogging again I felt the panic attack come back on and so I decided that I would just do my best with a fast walk and see what happens. 

I have a history of panic attacks - they always come out of nowhere completely and often at the most inconvenient of times. In saying that, I have not had an attack for about a year and a half so I was hoping they were behind me. I was not expecting it today and I am really disappointed with the result. In saying that, all things considered I am really happy with my time. I know I am a very fast walker but I was still surprised that we managed to finish in 1hr14mins. I have had slower times when I have run the whole 10k. I tried jogging a few times along the way but finally pulled it out for the last 75 or so meters just so I could cross the finish line jogging!! 

It was so lovely passing the finish line with the rest of the team cheering us on and the mo shaped medals we received at the end were such a lovely memento to add to my medal collection. I am so disappointed with not being able to jog the whole thing but since this is my fourth this year I know it is not down to my own fitness level. It has spurred me on a bit more to get really into it next year. I am going to keep up the training until christmas and then come January I am going to start on a full on half marathon training schedule! 

After the 10k we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely brunch in Wuff in smithfield. Fab brunch spot with some delicious food and coffee! I treated myself to a steak sandwich with a side of house slaw which was just what I needed! I still have my 49 weeklies to use before Monday and whatever activity points I earned today so I can safely say this was a guilt free steak sandwich (and super yummy too, red onion marmalade is my fave)!! 

Hope everyone is having a great time and I really want to thank everyone;s best wishes and donations to the movember fund! The page will stay up until the end of movember so if people haven't had a chance to donate yet you can find it

Well done to all of team 59lbstogo! What a fab day and I hope we can get out for many more in the New Year!!! 

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